Virgin Hair Fertilizer, 125 Gram, Pack of 4



  • Virgin Hair Fertilizer, Hair conditioning and Anti Dandruff Cream

  • Imported from West Africa

  • Size; 125g Pack of Four


  • Virgin Hair Fertilizer is a multi-purpose cream that works effectively in more than one way, it helps to grow hair rapidly, it is anti-dandruff, a Conditioner and It leaves your hair shining.

  • Virgin Hair Fertilizer in new and improved packaging. You now have your premium Virgin Hair Fertilizer cream in a large 200g Jar

  • Virgin Hair Fertilizer really works wonders, transforming dry unhealthy hair to exciting hair, It aids hair growth, and repairs the scalp from dandruff to give it a beautiful, healthy shine

  • Hair conditioning cream that can be applied into the scalp daily as it conditions Broken And Dry Hair