Locust Beans - Iru, Ogiri, DawaDawa, (Air Dried Whole) - 8 oz



The seeds are processed into a seasoning, known as dawadawa among Hausa and Ashanti tribes of Ghana. It is known as sikomu among the Igbo people and irú amongst the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The pulp is also used to make beverages.

The seeds of the locust bean are the most valuable part of the plant. They are high in lipids (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrates (16%), and are a good source of fat and calcium for rural dwellers. The seed is first cooked to remove the seed coat and then fermented to produce the desired result. Seeds can then be pounded into powder, then formed into cakes. In a study conducted on the fermentation of dawadawa, it was found that Gmelina arborea and banana leaves accelerated fermentation of seeds, while increasing fat, protein and moisture content, but also decreasing carbohydrate content